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From a young age electricity intregued me & 'felt' unseen energy.

Buildings & people also intrgued me & have been working with them ever since on all kinds of levels.

Having specialised in electrical radiation reduction, building challanges (which do not seem to be 'fixed' after repairs) & going to 'root cause'

Many people just 'put up with' all kinds of properties that don't work.

In some cases the problems are minor, 'not what they seem' or not realising the connection eg ill health.

Sick building syndrome covers many areas of property & people.

Specialising in advice, true causes, unresolved problems for property, energy & people.

The different parts of Happy Healthy Buildings are inter related to cover the basic requirement of truely comfortable living in your home or work place, my passion.

Please contact me with any challange how ever odd it may seem to you, having many years experience in 'oddities'

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